“There are no secrets to success it’s the result of preparation, learning and hard work in the direction where your passion lies”.

Career Consultant is somebody who guides students and professionals in taking high rewarding career choices in their life and helps them develop a career in their field of liking and interest. Harsh Malik has time and again proved his talent and his virtues in the field of career consulting by helping many students take the right career path and today they stand at the pinnacle of success in their respective fields.

Career Consulting is not an easy job, for somebody’s life and future depends on it. It requires huge amount of research and knowledge in all fields and spectrums before guiding someone into it. One has to stay up to date with the recent changes as well as the new fields that coming up time and again. Keeping this in mind Harsh has taken his time and with a five year long research came up with a career guide book titled “What to do after 12th” that has proved to be his biggest strength and his legacy.

“What to do after 12th” Contains information about various career fields, scholarships, entrance exams, universities, abroad studies and education loans. It is like an encyclopedia of career guide. What to do after 12th? Inaugurated by honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Akhilesh Yadav is the biggest proof of Harsh’s capabilities, dedication as well as his passion to help young minds achieve success in their career.

Career Consulting is not just about giving information; there is a psychological aspect to it as well. Before guiding someone in a particular direction a career consultant has to study the students’ mindset, know his skills and interests and then only you can guide them in the perfect direction. To be an exceptional career consultant you have to be an exceptional judge of characters, a skill Harsh has been able to master at a very young age. He is an avid listener and can very well study the body language, this helps him to connect with students extremely well for students often find it difficult to express themselves at such younger age.

It’s a long road ahead, constant learning and evolution is taking place and Scholar Talks does have a great future ahead.

Today harsh Malik stands as one of the most distinguished career consultants in the country with thousands of success stories, hundreds of successful seminars and one of the best selling career guide book what to do after 12th. To be able to provide his services in full potential Harsh has also started his own venture Scholar Talks. With Scholar Talks he wants to reach to students all across the country and as well abroad.

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