“It is not the finish line that matters, it’s having the courage to start”.

Well this quote completely justifies the journey of Harsh as a motivational speaker. A biotech graduate who deep within knew that it’s not what he is meant to do, took a leap of faith when he gave his first public seminar at the age of 20 addressing an audience of around three hundred students and teachers on the topic of career counseling and its importance in today’s time.

A seminar that was supposed to be of around thirty minutes lasted for two long hours and it left a profound impression on its listeners. It was December 23rd 2010 and that day marked the birth of a completely different persona of Harsh.

Unlike other motivational speakers Harsh has the ability to motivate and mould young minds as if he is a part of their lives and he can feel all the stress and dilemma they have as of his own. To be a great speaker one has to be a great listener too and Harsh has been able to master this quality even though he deals with the most difficult part of the society, the students.

Every audience is different so is their mindset. It takes a lot of preparation and planning before addressing a seminar. Lot of factors are analyzed and thereby a plan is developed. The process though seems easy is time consuming and every audience counts. I still get nervous before every seminar as I was before my first.

Being a speaker is not easy. To be a speaker one has to be an excellent analysor as well as a brilliant strategist. Analyzing situation and thereby strategizing your next word is a quality, not easy to master, it takes years of practice for every media is different and their way of reception is different too.

With more than hundred seminars, a live TV talk show and many on air conversations under his hat young Harsh has explicitly displayed his caliber as a speaker.

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