“Execution without strategy is aimless and strategy without execution is useless”.

As a successful author and a distinguished speaker, Harsh has been able to attain success in all spheres of his life. But as the saying goes Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy and without strategy success can’t be attained, it is clearly justified of Harsh’s abilities as a strategist.

With a creative side Harsh also has a business side in his personality. In order to provide his consulting services better Harsh started with his own venture called Scholar Talks and today the company has been able to attain height of success in such short span of time.

Harsh is an excellent strategist with an in depth knowledge of marketing and advertising. Harsh is known as a branding genius with many successful companies and individuals under his portfolio. Political Campaigns, Media Agencies, Colleges and individuals Harsh has helped people and groups from every sector to create a brand of them.

Today Harsh is successfully helping individuals and companies developing their business by providing them innovative strategies to promote and market their brand.

In today’s era brand is everything. People now days are so connected and well informed that for a company creating awareness is really necessary so as to keep their audience engaged. Social media & digital marketing is giving chance to small companies and individuals to grow and connect with their target audience. People have moved from a quantity centric era to quality and service centric one.

“A brand is not just your logo, website or business card – It is an experience” and this experience is what Harsh creates with the projects he works upon.

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